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C.L. "Otto", CEO

I would personally like to thank you for exploring what our company has done to change CNG home fueling and small commercial fueling in the word.

The problem with existing reciprocating compressors and hydraulic compressors is they are VERY loud and have high maintenance issues.  We have solved all those problems with the most quiet and long life compressors on the planet


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WORLD RACE 2011, New York to Paris featured CNGPUMP car #5 Powered by Natural Gas

Not since 1908 had the world seen an event like this! Back in 1908 a brave group of adventurous men set out to prove a new means of transportation THE AUTOMOBILE. It was won by the American Thomas Shuster driving the American Flyer (which is on display at the Harris Automobile Museum in Nevada). To commemorate this historic race a group of adventure seekers raced from New York to San Francisco, then China to Paris traveling 14 countries and 24,000 miles to once again prove a new breed of vehicles as being safe and reliable, powered by alternative fuels.

Over 350 million people saw the race and over 35million followed it via Twitter, Facebook, CNN, FOX and the local networks in each City along the way!..

"Otto" of NRGhybrids Group (CNGPUMP) drove the TEAM CNGPUMP CAR #5 (a Highly Modified, Bi-Fuel VW Jetta TURBO) in a record time from New York City to San Francisco California and Back to Wisconsin. and has been a big part of helping America convert to CNG and catch up to the now 16+million vehicles worldwide.