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CNGPUMP-2gge (Time Fill) Hydraulic Fueling Station for cars/trucks (2gge per hour)

(Contains Cooling Fan, Filters and Hydraulic CNG Compressor)
(Contains Electronics, 220v, Elec. Motor, Hydraulic Pump).
365.00 LBS
$395.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
This product is available for pre-order only
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Product Description

                             SAVE 75% -90% ON FUEL WITH THE "CNGPUMP HOME BASED REFUELING"!


Distributorships & Dealerships available!

SHIPPING NOTICE: Shipped via truck, (pre-filter, hydraulic fluid and installation not included).



2015 MODEL CNGPUMP-2gge, (2 gallons per hour on 2psi line)  Hydraulic CNGPUMP refueling station for natural gas powered vehicles. (Complete with hoses, wiring, NGV receptacle).

What makes the CNGPUMP better: 

* Super whisper quiet, great for upscale homes.

* 75% less moving parts than other compressors.

* Aluminum heads to dissipate heat faster.

* 60' of coiled tubing to cool between compression stages.

* Increased hydraulic fluid capacity for a longer duty cycle.

* Clear pre-filter for easy visual monitoring.

* A HD-oil cooler for the harsh climates of the South.

* A coalescing high pressure filter to protect your car.

* Inlet gas automatic shut-off for safety.

* Automatic shut-off at 3600psi.

* Auto bleed-down with recirculating gas recovery.

* 100% dry compression.

* 13' filling hose reaches to any vehicle.

* Electronic START/STOP touch-pad with self-analyzing.


*(Optional remote WiFi monitoring and phone ap alerts).


*(Optional Electronic gge per day readout).


*(Optional auto-start for remote gen set operations).


*(Optional on-site service contract with WiFi remote monitoring).



APPLICATIONS: REFUEL 4 TIMES FASTER than other small CNG compresors! The CNGPUMP is a HOME BASED CNG REFUELING COMPRESSOR designed for light commercial use at your business in the USA. Built for automobiles, light duty trucks, vans, forklifts, small trucks, landscaping equipment, light towers, generators and other small equipment. the two piece design has a compressor that sits on the outside wall of the shop (large tan box), the control panel on the inside wall (dark grey box). This designs also time fills a CNG tank four times as fast as other models on the market, (2gge per hour on a 2lb. gas regulator).

WARRANTY: 3 years or 8,000 hours on the compressor. 1 year on electronics and other components. We will fix or replace any of our fueling stations at our warranty center free of charge during the warranty period.

BETTER TECHNOLOGY: The CNGPUMP is the first evolution of natural gas compression in 80 years, while all other fueling stations use air compressor type reciprocating compressors that wear out, leak, have significant oil blow by and require frequent maintenance and repair, the CNGPUMP use's hydraulic compression instead. The CNGPUMP hydraulic compression pump has a life expectancy of 10 years or more. The pump uses 75% less moving parts than other compressors, runs cool and is very quiet. We have achieved compression of 8,000psi with no damage to the compressor!

HOW IT WORKS: A non-compressible fluid is pressurized by hydraulics and drives a free floating piston up the cylinder (no connecting rods, wrist pins, crankshafts or bearings to wear out), on the other side of the piston, the opposing natural gas is being pressurized at an equal balance to the fluid at the piston rings (the two never mix) providing a completely dry and oil free compression, the multi-stage compression completes compression to 3600psi in a similar fashion. There are fewer moving parts to wear out and the compact, quiet and attractive design won't even be noticed by the neighbors. It's THAT simple! It’s so quiet you can't even hear it from 10' away and produces no vibration. (Auto shutoff can be factory set at 3000psi or 3600psi). The cylinder walls of the compressor are coated with a super slippery ceramic plating that is non-stick, non-pealing and will last a lifetime of service. The piston seals are a space age formulated material providing years of reliable service. Operating at only 26 cycles per minute the compressor will last many years longer than ordinary compressors operating at 1300rpm. 

Years of rigorous testing and engineering have gone into providing an easy and Safe way of fueling. The cost of natural gas is about 40% (to 75%) less than gasoline or diesel.

SPECIFICS: The CNGPUMP Fueling Station is designed and built for the USA market. This Long Life design can fuel a vehicle in 4-6 hours (dedicated natural gas line direct to the meter required). The compressor station and fueling hose mount outside the garage wall and is housed in a weather proof enclosure. Inside the garage is the control panel that is virtually automatic from start-up to shutdown.


OUTSIDE BOX:  (60" wide x 26" tall x 26" deep), contains the compressor, oil tank, filters, 13' CNG hose.

INSIDE BOX: (12"x12" wide, 36" tall), Contains control panel, electric motor, hydraulic pump.

Our National Warranty and Repair Center is equipped to rebuild the compressor in the event of wear and your local dealer only needs to do minor maintenance on an annual basis (or 4000hrs).

The CNGPUMP Home Fueling Compressor is built in America! It is the only Home Fueling Compressor in the world using hydraulics for compression, meaning long life and reliability!

Fuel any NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) from your home or shop using the CNGPUMP 2gge (2 gallon of gas equivalent, per hour). The CNGPUMP connects to your Natural Gas line at home or work, and then to your NGV vehicle and Time Fills the CNG tank in your vehicle overnight.


"Natural Gas will become the dominant competing fuel against Foreign oil in the 21st Century"

» Natural Gas is 90% pollution free!

» Natural Gas is MADE IN AMERICA

» Natural Gas is VERY abundant

» Natural Gas is non-toxic & non-corrosive

» Natural Gas is under 80 cents from home

» Natural Gas replaces Diesel or Gasoline

» Natural Gas comes out of the ground just like water from a well and is distributed by underground pipes to 80% of all homes and businesses in America, leaving a very small carbon footprint.

2. General Applications

(1) Inlet GAS temperature less ≤ 95°F
(2) Natural Gas supply should meet the GB17820 standards.
(3) Inlet Pressure for CNG pipe .25-2psi (0~.3bar)
(4) Discharge pressure 3000-3600psi, for use in approved CNG tanks only.
(5) Discharge Volume .2 to 3gge per hour (3 - 5 Nm3/Hours)
(6) Hydraulic Fluid Volume: 20 U.S. gallons.
3. Technical specifications for Hydraulic High Pressure CNGPUMP
air-cooled, hydraulic piston
Construction Type
steel cylinder
Compressor stage
Multi stage, with increasing smaller compression ratios
Work gas
Natural Gas
gas supply Volume
2 to 5 M3 /hour (2-5 cubic feet per hour) (150-220,000BTUhr)
Inlet Pressure, Temperature
0-.3 bar≤35 (0-5psi, 95°F)
Discharge Pressure and Temperature
200-250bar≤45(3000-3600psi, ≤ 113°F)
Temperature operating range
-20-55(-4°F to 130°F)
Drive Power
3 horsepower, 2200w
Main shaft speed
1600 rpm
Type of Electronic motor
induction 3hp, capacitor, soft start
Drive Way
Direct Drive
Hydraulic oil, wetsump oil lubrication
consume Lubricate Oil
≤0.06 kg/h(5-6 Drop/Hours)
Cooling Way
Fan cooled
Compressor Housing
Poly / Stainless Steel
Work Voltage
220V single-phase 50/60HZ, 12amp (20amp surge) (slow blow), 10gauge wire
Filling nozzle
NGV 1-2 and two position three way ball valve
CNG coalescing  <1 micron particulate, Glass Micro-Fiber discharge moisture is less than 5PPM
Cooling System
Nylon Cooling fan
Control System
Located on control box
Outlet CNG filtering
CNG coalescing <1 micron, Glas Micro-Fiber & centripital filtrate
Oil / water separator filter
outlet filter is 0.3μm, efficiency is 99.95%
Intake precision Filter
Natural gas CNG inlet filter, working pressure ≤.3 bar (0-5psi)
Control panel parts
electronic controls with Temperature and Pressure control module
Frequency Changer
none, 60Hz USA, 50Hz Euro
Inlet CNG pipe
M12 or ½” NPT connection
<53 DB at 10'
Outlet Safety Valve
High pressure adjustable Safety Valve
Compressor Size
122*25*25CM (48” x 10” x 10”)
Net Weight
120Kg (265lbs)
4. Certifications
UL (Open circuit approved)
CSA (pending)
5. System Advantages
1) Discharge volume is adjustable from 0 to 3600psi, for use in CNG cylinders only.
2) Automatic discharge pressure control monitoring to ensure consistent filling.
3) Electrical requirements, 220V, 60hz, 20amp breaker, soft start motor for long life.
4) HD fan cooled motor.
5) pre-wired electronic control box.
6) 15' 6mm HP soft tube fueling hose.
7) Two position, three way safety blow-down valve and NGV1-2 filling nozzle.
8) Three stage natural gas filtering, CNG drier, oil / water separator and CO2 filtration system
AIP 618 USA compliant Natural Gas Compressor
ISO3746 Operational decibels during operation
SY 0092-2010 Design code for compressed natural gas fueling station for vehicles.
SY/T7546-2010 Natural gas for Automobile usage.
JB 8935-2010 Safety standards for compressor manufacturing Industries.
GB 15703-2010 General specifications for flameproof electrical machines.
GB 150-2010 Steel pressure vessels.
GB 151-2010 Heat Exchanger fabrication standards.
ANSI/NFPA-52-2010 Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) NGV1-2010 Fueling Connection
GB 50275-98 Code for construction and acceptance of compressorfan and pump installation engineering.

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